The things that I see out of my window... up this morning and what should be there when I opened the blinds? A hooj cruise ship parked up, or moored, or whatever the nautical term is for parking a massive vessel outside my house.

Should have expected it really, what with that bit of the harbour over there being the overseas passenger terminal, and that's where the ships stop to let people on and off. They have had the QE2 there as well apparently.

You see all sorts of things out of my window, the other night I saw a police helicopter, with search lights on and the red and blue flashy lights flying around across the harbour, looked like it was going under the bridge, it was really low.

Then yesterday three choppers flew really low from the harbour back over the city, all very exciting.

I reckon it has something to do with this World Youth Day, that has a lot of the city shut down for a week or so. It's some religious thing, the pope is visiting, and they reckon there will be about 500,000 extra people coming to the city. There are massive road closures, which is causing the delivery of my table not to happen for another couple of weeks, so I'll have to keep using the ironing board. :( God has a lot to answer for!

Another weekend in Melbourne

Just got back from another weekend visiting James, Amelia, Mollie & Jess in Melbourne. It's James's birthday this week and so Friday night was a bit of a do for him. He'd borrowed a Wii from his cousin and a few of their mates came over for mexican food and a wii-athon. It was good fun, we played bowling the most and also Andy brought his PS2 and a copy of Buzz music quiz, so we had a few games of that too. Also James and I had a bit of a tennis tournament going over the weekend, I think I won, 2-1... I'm sure James will correct me if that's not the case!

The weather was a lot better than when I went last time, blue skies and sunshine for most of the weekend, but it was still very cold, a lot colder than it is here in Sydney :)

We went out on Saturday and Sunday and I got to see a bit of the area, we went to Sorrento on Saturday morning, really nice place, nice beach, and it's where the ferry leaves from to go to Queenscliff, the north heads of the bay.

On the way back we stopped off at Arthur's Seat, which is one of the highest points in the area and has great views over the Mornington Peninsula, a lot better views than the last time when Amelia took me there, the weather was pretty bad then. You could just see the city skyline way across the bay this time.

On Sunday morning we took a trip to Gunamatta beach, again, it was sunny but cold, but there were lots of big waves and plenty of surfers out catching them, and a lot of beach fishermen too.

In the afternoon we headed out to a nearby winery, Stumpy Gully, and had a taste of a few of their wines, all very nice, I bought a couple of bottles, a Pinor Noir and a Merlot.

Hehe, didn't go overboard though, like we did in the Hunter Valley, Dan. ;)

All in all another great weekend.

Funny name corner...

...and this week it's what Aussies wash their clothes with...

Omo, and in fact, small and mighty omo!

So now my clothes are kept clean and fresh by a small and mighty omo... whatever next!


A couple of days ago there was an even nicer than usual sunset behind the harbour bridge, the sky turned a fantastic orange/pink colour. It was so nice it interrupted my WoW playing long enough for me to get out my camera!

Tour Guide Evans...

...and to your left you will see the Harbour Bridge!

Had a busy weekend this weekend, James and Amelia came over to stay, arriving Friday morning, but James had to head off to Manly to a meeting, and Amelia hadn't been to Sydney before so I got my tour guide head on and we went off around the sights of the city for the morning. Had a walk over the bridge (at a more sedate pace than Drill Sgt. Sadler had me doing last time I went over it ;) and then caught the ferry back from Luna Park to Circular Quay, and then headed over to the Opera House and got some lunch in the Opera Bar, where we met up with James as his meeting had finished.

We then caught the next ferry to Manly and had a walk around the corso and up to the beach, before stopping at Manly Wharf for a beer before we caught the ferry back. After all that touristing we were hungy so went up to China town and had chinese for dinner.

The sun came out on Saturday, and it was nice and warm, we went up to Darling Harbour for breakfast and then had a walk round the city, and checked out the new Apple Store. Once we had done our trip round all 3 floors of the store we headed to the bus station and grabbed a bus up to Bondi Junction and then got the next bus to Bondi Beach. The weather was just great, blue sky, no clouds, sunshine, and warm, really not too shabby for the middle of winter :)

As it was James & Amelia's wedding anniversary that day, they went out for dinner, they went to a nice restaurant on Stanley Street and I met up with them for a beer after their meal. James got refused entry to the Three Wise Monkeys bar for looking to pissed, so we ended up at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe for some really bad for you desserts.

It's been a good weekend, I enjoyed showing off Sydney!

Geek Alert... The new Apple Store

The new Apple Store opened on George Street on Thursday, it's the only one in Australia, and it's a pretty impressive building. Three floors all with a glass front, and the stairs to get to each floor are all glass too... We went to have a look round yesterday, it was pretty busy, lots of mac's, iPods, they also had the Apple TV box, but sadly no iPhones :)

Have to give them credit, they know how to design nice looking stuff (gadgets, puters and buildings :)

First trip to Melbourne

Had my first trip to Melbourne this weekend to visit James & Amelia, and their two girls Mollie & Jess.

The liver took a bit of a beating again, as it seems to when I meet up with James :) Friday night was a night out in Mornington, down at their local boozers, and then on Saturday we took a trip into the city as we had tickets for the Australia vs Ireland rugby match at the Telstra Dome.

Got to the city (and a bar) just in time to see the England vs All Blacks match what was played in Auckland, and watched England get beaten. Then it was off to the match at 8pm to watch Australia beat Ireland, this was my first Rugby match and it was pretty good. We're up for watching Australia vs England (rugby league not union) in November, so that should be good too.

Had a great time down there (even though it was a bit chilly, hehe) and James and Amelia cooked a top sunday dinner as well :)

I'm returning the favour this weekend, as they are coming to visit me in Sydney, although I don't think I'll subject them to my cooking, as there are plenty of nice places to go eat around here :)


Later on this afternoon it got real dark, real quick, and big black clouds appeared, then it started thundering and lightning, it was a pretty good show, and here's a picture I managed to take of it:

It was pretty tricky to catch the lightning on my camera, this was the only good shot out of a heap of shots :) And I probably had the exposure too long as the sky was lit up too much I think.

Still it was impressive to watch!

I've been out and done something... at last!

Now that my liver has recovered after James's visit, and because it was sunny today, I've managed to leave the flat and all my gadgets and go and do some touristy stuff, just local though.

I hopped on the ferry to Manly, then caught a bus from Manly Wharf up to the Quarantine Station and walked up from there to the fort and the Fairfax walk around the North Head. The North Head is the northern most headland of the Sydney Harbour, which is here on the map:

View Larger Map

Nice views back over the harbour to the city and out over the ocean. There's a walk called Fairfax walk which is a loop right at the end of the head, that's about 1km long, which I had a meander round with my camera. Nice views, the sun was out, a good way to spend the afternoon... better than working anyhow :)

My pictures are being uploaded onto Flickr as I type, so feel free to check them out...

I also took some of my building, here's one as we arrived into Circular Quay on the ferry from Manly. The big arrow isn't normally there, thought I'd point out which unit was mine!

Right, I'm hungry after all that walking... so I'm off to cook my dinner! (See I said dinner, not tea, turning into a posh city lad I am!)

A quick update

A certain person has demanded an update, so here's a quick one before i go out today. :)

My internet is connected now (Yay! \o/) It's nice not to have to log in every thirty minutes, and this connection is blooming quick :) Also the wireless lan is now set up so I have the PS3 connected and am running TVersity so I can stream audio and video from my laptop to the PS3. It's great to have music on proper speakers again :)

Also I have uploaded my snaps of the unit to Flickr now, here's one of the view from the window at night :)

James (another ex-TBSer that has moved out here, to Melbourne) is coming over to visit this weekend, he's got some work he has to do in Sydney, so it'll be good to catch up with him and have a few beers. He arrives this afternoon.

Well that's it for this quick post, I'm off out for my dinner (or I should say lunch)