Evidence of installation of windows

by Administrator29. November 2007 19:10

Nope... nothing to do with computers (for those geeks that were wondering)

These windows are the clear see-through kind that don't crash as often.

I was asked by my solicitor, who had been asked by the buyers solicitors, to provide evidence of installation of windows in the house... Something I would have thought the buyers might have noticed when they came around to view the place. I wasn't stood there in coat, scarf, hat, and with the heating on full, saying "yeah it's strange how the wind rattles through the house this time of year"... the house does in-fact have windows.

They were actually wanting evidence of the date of installation for some planning permission reason or other... it just struck me as funny.


Building Surveys...

by Administrator28. November 2007 15:47

Well that's the second building survey done on the house, this one was a bit more involved, the guy was here for almost 3 hours, and no problems to report, woo hoo!

The one last week was a valuation for the buyers mortgage company, and he was here about 20 mins, and surprisingly came up with the valuation amount at exactly what the buyers are paying for it... uncanny! I imagine it will be well worth the £300 that they are paying for it. (That's about £15 a minute, which is nice work if you can get it)

Some of the things you have to pay for, and have done to buy/sell a house in this country are ridiculous... I haven't noticed any new coal mines appearing in the area since I first bought the house, yet I still needed another coal mine search when I re-mortgaged a few years later. Crazy.


Bah, how annoying is it when you lose something?

by Administrator28. November 2007 15:01

Just realised I've lost my 4GB usb memory drive... and it's really annoying that I can't remember what I did with it. (Sign of getting old I suppose, now, what was I talking about? Who are you?)

One place I remember leaving it was on the bedside table... so with 2 cats in the house it could be anywhere. (Well almost anywhere, they wouldn't be connecting it to my pc and downloading kitty porn onto it, it's more likely been pawwed to death and is under the bed or somewhere)

Time to check everywhere, again :( and see if it's at work too.


Well hello...

by Administrator27. November 2007 18:18

... and welcome to my blog.

Thought I'd start writing about my experiences of moving from sunny Belper to the sunnier Australia.

Things are really starting to move ahead now, I'm in the process of selling my house, which should be sorted (well, contracts exchanged) by Christmas, with a moving date sometime in the 2nd week of Jan.

As things turn out, I know the people who will be buying it, and they are first time buyers so no chain to worry about, and they are keen to get things sorted out as well. So i'm very nearly homeless :P

So I can see that Christmas will be spent boxing up my stuff that I want to take with me (books, DVDs, records, and CDs mostly), and frantically eBaying the rest. (Well, what hasn't been earmarked for people already anyway)

Then I'll be getting ready to spend a couple of months as a lodger with Dan, this could be seriously dangerous to our healths, it's one thing to live 5 mins away from each other, but in the same house? We'll have to ration the beer I think...

On the other hand it might turn out to be quite refined (hahaha), I know he's got some Gordon Ramsey recipe books and as I'll be a paying 'guest' he should have my tea on the table when I arrive home :P (yeah right)

We'll see...


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