by Administrator30. December 2007 20:05

packing, packing, packing...

I hate packing. I should have realised I would have more stuff than I estimated, and there's so much left to do. I've just packed up all my DVDs, CDs, and books (and my trusty light sabres) into boxes so they are ready to go into storage and finally shipping to Aus when I get a place.

I've been up in the roof of the garage today, shifted everything out onto the floor now, so that's done. Amazing what I've found up there, a catalytic converter, exhaust down pipe and back box from my car... along with the original suspension springs and dampers. A trip to the local tip is going to be needed.

I have to say that I'm not really going at it 'hell for leather' at the moment... I am on holiday after all, and so this stuff gets done in between playing games and watching tv. Heh, there's still 2 weeks left before I have to move anyway... ages!

I said after I moved house last time and we did it ourselves that I wouldn't do that again (i'd get some men in to do the heavy lifting) as it was a nightmare, and I think I had less stuff, moving from a 2 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom, but it looks like i'm gonna end up doing it again. Mainly because stuff is going all over the place, rather than just from one house to another, some will be going to Dan's, some to storage at Dad's workshop, and the rest to everyone else who wants it, or the dump...

Oh well... better get back to it :(


Ho Ho Ho...

by Administrator26. December 2007 04:14

...Merry Christmas!

I guess this will be one of the many blog posts on the net wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

Have a good one, whatever you get up to.


One step closer to homelessness...

by Administrator19. December 2007 16:55

Didn't think I'd be as nervous as I was... but a few minutes ago I signed the contract of sale of my house, so this is it.

Well, it's done now, and I still need to pack/sell just about everything in the house, that'll be something to do over Christmas anyway.

So... if anyone knows anyone that would like to give 2 friendly cats a home let me know... and if you want any stuff for your house, like sofas, dining table & chairs, cupboards, etc. get in touch, they'll be going cheap if not free :)


Whistle Posse Blow!

by Administrator4. December 2007 19:28

So I went raving on Saturday night... An event called Hardcore Till I Die, they had taken over a local nightclub, Time, the place next door (that was normally a roller skating arena) and most of the carparks out the back.

We started at the pub just down the road, which was surprisingly quiet for saying that there were about 5000 people supposed to be turning up for this event. Had a couple of beers there and decided to make our way to the entrance, but as we got near some people coming the other way said that there was a massive queue still (this was about 10:30pm after it started at 9pm) so we went back to the pub for a couple more drinks. Finally made it in about half eleven, but not to worry, still 6 and a half hours of raving to go! :)

We walked into the main arena first, the whole of RollerWorld pumping out the happy hardcore tunes, with the dj booth down at one end in front of massive screens with lasers and lights all firing out over the huge crowd throwing shapes around.

Finding a drink was next on the agenda, so we ended up going down into Time to the hard house room for a few more vodka redbulls.

Out in the carpark there was a tent playing old school, and some drum and bass and stuff like that, and further across another tent playing absolutely banging techno and gabba. There were also fairground rides and arcades and burger vans for people to get their fix of dodgy fairground hotdogs and burgers.

We kept seeing Postman Pat throughout the night as we walked round, well someone in a Postman Pat suit anyway, boogying away. He must have been boiling.

At about 3am me and Fish went back to the techno tent just as Tommyknocker came on to do his set, amazing. He belted out some really hard tunes and we had a good old stomp around in the tent.

Towards the end of the night we caught Dougal and Recon playing their sets in the main arena, as well as god knows who else throughout the night.

It was a top night and I even surprised myself by managing to last until it finished at 6am.

Definitely be up for it if they put another night on there before I leave rainy England.


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