And so it begins...

by Administrator17. March 2008 20:17

Well, Friday was my last day at work, and it also ended up being the day my car was passed onto it's new owner.

Which means my journey to Oz is beginning really. I think this is where it'll start to sink in and I'll be getting nervous about going etc. At the moment I'm cool with everything, looking forward to it, but I think it will start to get a little weird not being at work anymore.

Friday morning started out as a morning after the night before morning... we all went out on Thursday night (about 20 of us from work) to have a curry and a few beers down Belper. Twas very nice and I even got a free ice cream from Harry of Maharajas as my leaving gift from him.

So getting up the next day was a little difficult. But I made it over to Castle Donnington services on the M1 for 10:30am, as arranged, to deliver my car. Paul, the guy who bought it, was up at the track for a track day, and as he's from Basingstoke it was nearer and easier to meet him there. Dave from work followed me up so that I had a lift back to Belper. Typically, as Dave and I were counting the cash, sat in the back of the car, a police 4x4 kept circling us looking at what we were doing... eventually they stopped and came over to ask us what we were up to. We were counting money and Paul was completing the V5 document... all above board and then they seemed satisfied and left. Then it was a trip back to Belper and straight to the bank to pay in the money.

I was a bit sad to see it go, loved that car, but it's gone to a good home I think. And no, Paul didn't take it on the track that day :P

Well I thought I might get an easy day with it being my last one and all, but no, Drill Sargeant Sadler and Private Swallow had other plans. I ended up being busy helping n00b Andy solve some of his compilation problems and update my document and various other bits and pieces until it was time for my "send off" :)

The whole company got together and Dan said a few words, then Steve said some more. It was nice, I will miss the old place and everybody there, (but not enough to stay :P) and we'll definitely keep in touch. I suspect there will be a steady stream of visitors once I have a place. I've been told in no uncertain terms that I will need at least a 2 bedroomed place, if not more. :)

Then it was off to the pub!

I handed my keys over to Dave, and I have my P45, so I am now officially jobless, carless, homeless, and according to Dan, useless! Woohoo \o/

So I've got 3 weeks of getting packed and ready ahead, oh and the odd leaving event, all the weekends are booked up, and the days in the week are too, I'm off up to Edinburgh to see Jock on the 31st, and we're off to watch a Derby game on the 29th, and for a curry in Brum on the 22nd.

Busy busy busy.


A weekend away at Filey

by Administrator13. March 2008 14:11

Last weekend all the family had a weekend away at our old family holiday destination of Filey. We've been there many times to Butlins, and to a few other guest houses in Filey town itself. It was great to get everyone together and do some of the things we used to do. We made it out onto the Brigg and had crab sarnies for dinner one of the days.

I didn't sleep too well the first night so was up early enough to catch the sunrise...

Click on the piccy to see more pictures of us enjoying ourselves.

The weekend brought back a few memories, and we all enjoyed it I think, even if we didn't manage to get a waffle or fish and chips :)

Christy & Dave arrived with their car jam packed... you wouldn't have thought we were only there for a couple of days with the stuff they brought, heaps of games and things to do (we played travel Monopoly on Friday night which was funny with a miniscule board and money) and enough grub to feed the 5000... well it seemed like it at the start of the weekend, but there wasn't much left at the end really. Christy did a grand job of organising the weekend and looking after everything whilst we were there! Cheers Sis!

The weather was pretty good too for this time of year, quite bright and sunny for most of the weekend if a bit windy and cold.

On the Friday night everyone presented me with a cake with 2 airplanes on it and wishing me a well in my new life in Oz. Also Mum and Dad got me a hat with corks hanging from it, a book on Australia, and a bottle opener. Christy and Dave had also been busy with photos, they gave me a set of coasters which each had a photo of a member of the family, and also a book mark which was a laminated montage of photos of me and the family. So i'm definitely not gonna be forgetting any of them in a hurry!

I'll miss 'em all!



by Administrator1. March 2008 13:54

Just had a mail from Gav, who used to work for TBS but now lives in New Zealand, he's always sent us update mails to let us know what he's getting up to on his far reaching travels, and he's asked if I can do some promotion of his activity search website that he's building. It's pretty cool if you're into actually going outside and stuff :) You never know, I might get all active once I arrive in the land of warm weather

Click here to go to YouGoDo


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