I have a place to live!

by Administrator20. April 2008 02:43

My lease application was accepted for a 2 bedroom flat right on Circular Quay yesterday, which is about as in the city as you can get. Just a short walk to the Opera House and an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge. I'll post some pictures when I get moved in and my internet connection set up etc. but in the meantime, here's a link to where it is on the map:

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I get the keys on Thursday, as Friday is Anzac Day which is a public holiday.

So we're off this week looking for a bed, sofa, tv, washer/dryer etc. Ooh! Shopping! At last I can buy that nice flat screen tv I have been putting off because I knew I was coming out here...


First boags of my trip!

by Administrator11. April 2008 06:32

These blog posts might be short and out of order as i don't have my laptop yet and i'm posting from my phone still.

The first few days after i have arrived have been fantastic. James and Nads have been great, welcoming me into their home and showing me around, and offering advice on what I should be doing like getting a driving licence, tax code and medicare. They live in a very nice area in the northern beaches, but it's an hour away from the city so this has been my first trip there.

I'm currently sat on the harbour wall outside the opera bar in the sunshine with a great view of the bridge and opera house, with a nice cold James Boags beer. It doesn't get better than this and it has definitely made me think i'm doing the right thing! :-)

So now i'm off into the city to the bank and do some other stuff and then start looking for a place to rent.


Over half way there now!

by Administrator8. April 2008 05:49

I'm now sat in the gate waiting for the second leg of the journey to sydney. The picture is of the plane being spruced up ready for us to carry on.

The plane left heathrow about 3 or so hours late due to the bloomin snow, but this wasn't a bad thing cos it was mayhem in terminal 4.

it's 11am ish here in singapore but it feels like 4am which is what it really is for me :-) knackered!


My first footy game

by Administrator2. April 2008 14:20

Saturday was the first time i've been to a game of football, and which teams did i go to see? Derby vs Fulham.

Dave had suggested that we do something before i left for oz and we finally decided on this, then off into Derby for some food and more beer.

After telling more and more people i ended up booking Antibos restaurant for 20 people. It was great to see everyone and it was a great day, i even enjoyed the football match.

Thanks to Martyn for explaining to me that derby were in the white shirts and that after half time they had changed ends. Not sure i'd have enjoyed it as much if i hadn't had been told these things.


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