by Administrator29. May 2008 15:45

Later on this afternoon it got real dark, real quick, and big black clouds appeared, then it started thundering and lightning, it was a pretty good show, and here's a picture I managed to take of it:

It was pretty tricky to catch the lightning on my camera, this was the only good shot out of a heap of shots :) And I probably had the exposure too long as the sky was lit up too much I think.

Still it was impressive to watch!


I've been out and done something... at last!

by Administrator23. May 2008 11:02

Now that my liver has recovered after James's visit, and because it was sunny today, I've managed to leave the flat and all my gadgets and go and do some touristy stuff, just local though.

I hopped on the ferry to Manly, then caught a bus from Manly Wharf up to the Quarantine Station and walked up from there to the fort and the Fairfax walk around the North Head. The North Head is the northern most headland of the Sydney Harbour, which is here on the map:

View Larger Map

Nice views back over the harbour to the city and out over the ocean. There's a walk called Fairfax walk which is a loop right at the end of the head, that's about 1km long, which I had a meander round with my camera. Nice views, the sun was out, a good way to spend the afternoon... better than working anyhow :)

My pictures are being uploaded onto Flickr as I type, so feel free to check them out...

I also took some of my building, here's one as we arrived into Circular Quay on the ferry from Manly. The big arrow isn't normally there, thought I'd point out which unit was mine!

Right, I'm hungry after all that walking... so I'm off to cook my dinner! (See I said dinner, not tea, turning into a posh city lad I am!)


A quick update

by Administrator16. May 2008 04:44

A certain person has demanded an update, so here's a quick one before i go out today. :)

My internet is connected now (Yay! \o/) It's nice not to have to log in every thirty minutes, and this connection is blooming quick :) Also the wireless lan is now set up so I have the PS3 connected and am running TVersity so I can stream audio and video from my laptop to the PS3. It's great to have music on proper speakers again :)

Also I have uploaded my snaps of the unit to Flickr now, here's one of the view from the window at night :)

James (another ex-TBSer that has moved out here, to Melbourne) is coming over to visit this weekend, he's got some work he has to do in Sydney, so it'll be good to catch up with him and have a few beers. He arrives this afternoon.

Well that's it for this quick post, I'm off out for my dinner (or I should say lunch)


Sofas and stuff...

by Administrator9. May 2008 02:37

Finally, I have somewhere comfy to lounge around on in my living room whilst gazing at the view, or the TV. It arrived earlier this week along with a TV stand, which was flat pack and required a philips screwdriver to assemble, which, surprisingly, I didn't have. So a quick google to find a hardware store and a short trip up Pitt St got me a set of drivers and a few other bits and pieces. I'm getting to know what's on Pitt St and George St now, i've walked almost the full length of them a number of times. ("What? Walked?" I hear you cry, yes, walked, it's the way I get around these days, not having a car... and I'm not missing it the car too much either!)

So now the tv is on a stand, the PS3 on there with it, and the sofa is in. That pretty much sorts out my unit, for the essentials anyway. I can use my laptop on the breakfast bar, but I have a space set aside for a little table to put it on eventually. The only other thing I need is a spare bed, I have borrowed James & Nads blow up double height one at the moment for guests, but eventually I'll be getting one for that room too.

Well, it looks like it's gonna be another nice day for autumn, blue skies, sunshine, 22 degrees, it was quite nice yesterday too, I jumped on the ferry to Manly in the late afternoon and sat on the beach for a bit reading my book, and watching the surfers and volley ballers.

I promise I'll get my camera out again soon and start posting pictures, as soon as the broadband is connected (which is scheduled for a weeks time) I'll begin filling up my Flickr account!


Getting settled...

by Administrator5. May 2008 06:08

I've been in my unit for a week now and I'm feeling quite settled in, the home comforts have arrived (well, most of them have), so I have a bed to sleep on, a tv, a ps3 (of course :), washer/dryer, bar stools for the breakfast bar, and finally my new laptop arrived on Friday.

That has been a lot of hassle let me tell you. If you are considering buying a laptop from Rock, I'd suggest you reconsider! I ordered the laptop at the beginning of January (but changed the order to a newer model that became available on their web site in Feb, so lets say the start of Feb was the order date). I was told it would arrive in March, I told them I was leaving the country at the start of April and they still said it would arrive before then. March came and went, and I was told that they would ship it to Australia (for a fee of course), I arrived in Oz without a laptop.

After calling them, the sales guy told me that the machine was waiting for parts to arrive, the graphics cards as I recall. If I wanted to be updated on the status of the order I had to call them, they wouldn't call me to let me know what was happening. A couple of weeks after I arrived I started calling them regularly, the sales guy told me the parts had arrived from China where they had been stuck in customs, then he told me that the laptop was built but had failed testing, they couldn't find the right drivers! (This is a laptop built from stock parts essentially, plus it has been available on their website for purchase since February so you would assume that they had actually built one before this and tested it) This was a Friday night (well it was here) and so I asked him to email me with an update at the end of their day to tell me if the machine had been shipped. I got a pigeon english email from him which made no sense, other than I assumed that they hadn't shipped it. Oh, and he had kindly halved my shipping costs because of the delay... nice of them that!

So I was getting well pissed off by this point, and called them back on Monday, but the sales guy I normally spoke to was out of the office, and I spoke to someone else, who checked the status of my order and told me that there was no update, the machine wasn't built as they were waiting for the processors still. Surprisingly (or not) the sales guy was just feeding me bullshit to get me off his back. So the order was cancelled. I ordered a Dell XPS1730 the next day from Dell Australia, I was told that it could be up to 3 weeks due to a back order of a specific part (here we go again). However, within a week I had received the laptop, and I had numerous emails and calls from the order people giving me updates on my order. (Admittedly, a little confusing as some were telling me that it would be delivered before the end of May, and others saying the 2nd of May, but as it turned out, it was on the 2nd of May :)

Now I have a laptop which is a better spec, cheaper, and here! The blog posts should get more frequent, especially once I get the ADSL connected in a week or two. I'm using a free Wifi hotspot at the moment, but it kicks me every 30 mins and I have to log back on again to continue using it.

I'm quite pleased with my new unit, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large open plan kitchen and living area, on the 9th floor of a building on Circular Quay, so it's right in the middle of the city. A short walk from the main streets and right by the ferry wharves. It's also got a gym, pool, spa, sauna, and squash courts in the building, none of which I've used yet, of course ;) I'll post some pictures to my flickr page once I have proper net access as it seems not to like uploading stuff on this connection. Just need the sofa to be delivered (which is coming on Tuesday) so I can lounge around looking at the fantastic views of the Harbour Bridge.

The weather has been a lot better this week too, after only a couple of nice days the week I arrived most of the time it's been raining, not that anyone here is complaining too much as it's brought an end to the drought they have been having, but it's been the wettest April for ages and the coldest summer for ages too. Still, today has been a nice blue sky day, plenty of sunshine and about 20 degrees. Hopefully I'll be able to get used to the heat gradually as we're getting into autumn\winter now.

I'm getting used to it though, got up this morning and bought a paper and sat in a local restaurant for breakfast, then sat and had a coffee in a cafe on the Quay just outside my building whilst reading the paper, it doesn't get much better :)

Talking about the sunshine, I'll sign off now, stick my shades on and go and enjoy it a bit more!


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