My iPhone has arrived!

by Administrator21. August 2008 06:14

The iPhone has been available (well officially available) over here for about a month now, to much hype in the press and in the shops.

I managed to hold off buying one (mainly because they were sold out from most places for a while) but succumbed to the lure of the sleek shiny gadget at the end of last week. I have to say that the more I use it, the more I like it, the apps that come as standard are easy to use and work well. It seamlessly switches between WLAN and 3G when it's in range of my access point. The built in GPS makes the map application very handy, and with 16GB of space for my music and video i've got the best of 3 devices that I would have had to carry around before, phone, gps receiver and music device, and especially in a device that is little bigger than my old phone and a lot thinner.

The multi-touch interface is great too, and the whole UI is based around it and very intuitive to use, it doesn't take very long at all to get used to it.

I think I've already said that Apple know how to design nice bits of kit, and they haven't disappointed with the iPhone 3G.


Chris Rock...

by Administrator16. August 2008 07:07


James, Nads, and one of their friends Matt (another Matt!) and I went to see Chris Rock on Saturday, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in Darling Harbour last Saturday. He was very funny, making jokes about the penal colony that we are living in and the US Presidential elections etc. Well worth going to see.

It doesn't seem like almost a week ago since we went to see him, must be cos time flies when I'm having fun, I got a shock yesterday when I realised it was Thursday and not Wednesday!

In other news, my ticket to see Slipknot and Machine Head arrived today, woo!

I've wanted to go see them for a long time, and for anyone who doesn't know who/what they are; shouty metal band, who wear orange jumpsuits and strange masks!

The weather is picking up now as well, it's nice and sunny today and warm too (when you're in the sun).

Well that's my news for now, so I'll be signing out!


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