Lunch at Tetsuya's

by Administrator24. November 2008 03:49

I went to Tetsuya's for lunch yesterday with Ann and some of her friends, and it was a great meal! Tetsuya's is tucked out of the way on Kent Street, if I didn't know it was there I wouldn't have found it. It was a nice restaurant, and where we sat we had a view out onto the Japanese garden.

The meal itself was their degustation set menu, which consisted of about 9 savoury courses and 3 dessert courses. Everything you would expect from a fine restaurant, great service, fantastic food with many of the dishes combining ingredients that you wouldn't normally expect, like the beetroot and blood orange sorbet, strange combination for a dessert but worked really well. For me I really liked the veal dish as well, but they were all delicious.

We also had wines to accompany each dish and these selections were great too, it does go to show what good wines can taste like and how they can compliment the food that you are eating.

I can definitely recommend eating there, but you'll have to book well in advance!

Here's a scan of the menu for the dishes and wines that we were served:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="425" caption="Tetsuya's Menu"]Tetsuyas Menu[/caption]


More Fireworks

by Administrator3. November 2008 14:06

Outside my flat on the harbour!

Looked up from watching TV and there was a boat out in the harbour in front of the bridge and a firework display going off from it. Haven't a clue why.

Still I got out the camera and took a few pictures.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="425" caption="Fireworks in front of the Harbour Bridge"]Fireworks in front of the Harbour Bridge[/caption]

Click on the picture to see the others, it was a good fireworks show :) Hehe, it's amazing what goes on outside my windows :)


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