Windows 7

by Administrator26. April 2009 18:03

Just spent some time today installing the beta of Windows 7, 64 bit version and I have to say it's gone pretty smoothly. I've got most of the apps installed that I used in 32bit Vista, just waiting for VS2008 SP1 to finish. It'll be interesting to see how long it is before I find a bug, or something that I can't do, due to a missing driver or something.

I am getting to like it already though!


It's been a while...

by Administrator3. April 2009 14:21

Yeah, I haven't posted for quite a while, I've been busy doing... well, stuff that isn't that interesting I guess :)

Mostly been hanging around for the last couple of months making sure I was available for recruitment agencies just in case they had any interviews for me, as I started looking for work at the end of Jan. The big news is I went for an interview with a company last Weds and they offered me the job on Thursday, and I started work there this Monday, so I have finally (after just over a year) got back into working life.

The company is cool, they have web based document and project management systems aimed at the construction industry and they are looking to build a mobile version of their apps, which is where I come in, so I'm back writing code for windows mobile, and possibly iPhone (in objective c) and maybe even Java... which will be cool. Their offices are in St Leonards, which is about 20 mins from my place on the train, which isn't too much of a hardship each day. The tricky thing has been getting up early, its even been dark when I have been getting up, you can tell we are getting into winter, although the clocks change this weekend so that should mean it's light a bit earlier I think.

In other news it's Easter next weekend, and I'm entertaining :) The whole family Parkin are taking a road trip from Melbourne for a few days here in Sydney, I'm looking forward to that, we've got plans to go to the zoo and the Blue Mountains and a few other things. So my camera will be getting some use, and hopefully some snaps and a few more blog posts!

Over and out!


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