Another weekend in Melbourne

by Administrator9. July 2008 05:24

Just got back from another weekend visiting James, Amelia, Mollie & Jess in Melbourne. It's James's birthday this week and so Friday night was a bit of a do for him. He'd borrowed a Wii from his cousin and a few of their mates came over for mexican food and a wii-athon. It was good fun, we played bowling the most and also Andy brought his PS2 and a copy of Buzz music quiz, so we had a few games of that too. Also James and I had a bit of a tennis tournament going over the weekend, I think I won, 2-1... I'm sure James will correct me if that's not the case!

The weather was a lot better than when I went last time, blue skies and sunshine for most of the weekend, but it was still very cold, a lot colder than it is here in Sydney :)

We went out on Saturday and Sunday and I got to see a bit of the area, we went to Sorrento on Saturday morning, really nice place, nice beach, and it's where the ferry leaves from to go to Queenscliff, the north heads of the bay.

On the way back we stopped off at Arthur's Seat, which is one of the highest points in the area and has great views over the Mornington Peninsula, a lot better views than the last time when Amelia took me there, the weather was pretty bad then. You could just see the city skyline way across the bay this time.

On Sunday morning we took a trip to Gunamatta beach, again, it was sunny but cold, but there were lots of big waves and plenty of surfers out catching them, and a lot of beach fishermen too.

In the afternoon we headed out to a nearby winery, Stumpy Gully, and had a taste of a few of their wines, all very nice, I bought a couple of bottles, a Pinor Noir and a Merlot.

Hehe, didn't go overboard though, like we did in the Hunter Valley, Dan. ;)

All in all another great weekend.


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