The things that I see out of my window...

by Administrator11. July 2008 03:21 up this morning and what should be there when I opened the blinds? A hooj cruise ship parked up, or moored, or whatever the nautical term is for parking a massive vessel outside my house.

Should have expected it really, what with that bit of the harbour over there being the overseas passenger terminal, and that's where the ships stop to let people on and off. They have had the QE2 there as well apparently.

You see all sorts of things out of my window, the other night I saw a police helicopter, with search lights on and the red and blue flashy lights flying around across the harbour, looked like it was going under the bridge, it was really low.

Then yesterday three choppers flew really low from the harbour back over the city, all very exciting.

I reckon it has something to do with this World Youth Day, that has a lot of the city shut down for a week or so. It's some religious thing, the pope is visiting, and they reckon there will be about 500,000 extra people coming to the city. There are massive road closures, which is causing the delivery of my table not to happen for another couple of weeks, so I'll have to keep using the ironing board. :( God has a lot to answer for!


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