by Administrator21. July 2008 04:10

Friday night was curry night at the Quays apartments. James and Nads came over and were willing guineapigs for my attempt at lamb bhuna, pilau rice and bombay aloo.

All cooked from a new book I have called "The Curry Secret", the recipes which I had tried before as a practice run (well the curry and rice anyway) and was amazed at how they turned out, just like english indian restaurant curries, rather than the traditional home-cooked versions that most cook books have.

They were just as good the second time I tried, and the bombay aloo was fantastic too, even though I say so myself! :)

James and Nads liked it as well, so much so, I've had to order a copy of the cook book for them! :)

The other funny thing is that it made the whole place smell of curry, even the lobby where the elevators are. Mmmmm, lovely!


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