A quick update

A certain person has demanded an update, so here's a quick one before i go out today. :)

My internet is connected now (Yay! \o/) It's nice not to have to log in every thirty minutes, and this connection is blooming quick :) Also the wireless lan is now set up so I have the PS3 connected and am running TVersity so I can stream audio and video from my laptop to the PS3. It's great to have music on proper speakers again :)

Also I have uploaded my snaps of the unit to Flickr now, here's one of the view from the window at night :)

James (another ex-TBSer that has moved out here, to Melbourne) is coming over to visit this weekend, he's got some work he has to do in Sydney, so it'll be good to catch up with him and have a few beers. He arrives this afternoon.

Well that's it for this quick post, I'm off out for my dinner (or I should say lunch)

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