Live via satellite...

Last night I had a video call with the whole family, they were all visiting Christy and Dave for the weekend and as Dave had recently got skype working on his laptop we thought it would be good to have a chat. So it was a bit like university challenge, me on one side and them all sat in a row in C&D's living room. Which did make things a little tricky to hear what people were saying, because to get most of them in the video the laptop had to be quite far away.

It was good to see everyone, and it sounded like they had been having a good time with an olympic session on the Wii, which Charlotte and Nick won. (I was told to mention this fact!) I also got to see Aunty Julie's scar and over 600 gall stones that she has had removed!

It ended up being a bit like the spanish inquisition with everyone asking questions about Australia (yes there are cars and electricity here!), and I have been set a mission to go and take photos of the area around my apartment building, so that they can see what it's like, and I have a list of things that they want a photo of. Some of which I can sort out right away, others will take a bit longer, and there are some that just aren't gonna happen... if you want to see Harold Bishop, just watch Neighbours on TV.

So, I hope they all enjoyed the rest of the weekend and had a safe trip back home, and I'm off now for some breakfast and to get out the camera!

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