Hunter Valley

After a bit of a dodgy start, not being booked on the tour that we had booked and had a confirmation for, the tour place managed to get us on a tour with boutique wine tours, and then we were off on a full minibus to sample a few wines.

The first winery of the day was Iron Gate, owned by some rich bloke from Kent, and we sampled quite a few different wines there. Had to buy a bottle of the one that the guy recommended went with curry :)

Next was the Audrey Wilkinson Winery, which had fantastic views of the valley, heres a panorama I stitched together from photos on my iPhone:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="425" caption="View from Audrey Wilkinson winery"][/caption]

The guy who ran the tasting seemed to know what he was talking about, and we got to try quite a few wines, mostly 2 at once of different vintages or styles so we could easily compare. I picked up a bottle of a sparkling red that was really nice.

By now it was time for lunch, which was in a cafe place near the McGuigans winery, after a quick lunch Fish and I had a quick look in the chocolate shop, no chilli chocolate this time Dan, the cheese shop, a nice blue goats cheese and marinated feta found its way into my bag, and then we walked down to the Tempus Two winery and sampled a few of their reds, one of which Fish bought (and we have already drunk now).

The final winery of the day was Pepper Tree Winery, and then an hour or two back into the city.

Good day out, and we went to winerys that I hadn't been to before (not that that would be difficult as there are over 140 of them), and we didn't go mental like Dan and I did last year and buy cases of wine. Although I do have the online orderforms for the ones I did like :)

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