The sun is a good cure for a hangover

Well, we decided to head out for beers and pool last night, so after some dinner at James Squires I introduced Dave to the delights of the Shark Hotel. It has supposedly been refurbished, but looked pretty much the same to me, although they have taken up some of the space for more chairs and tables, and squashed the pool tables together a bit. Still, it didn't affect my game, as I lost most of them to Dave, who seems to be getting the hang of these funny upside down tables now. Needless to say, a lot of boags, strongbow, and g&t's were quaffed, hence my "special" feeling this morning.

Dave pursuaded me to go with him to sit in the sun on the grass at the botanical gardens and I'm sat here on the grass typing this. Not a bad idea Dave! I've attached some pictures of Dave enjoying himself, mind you it's only about the 3rd day or so of sun that we have had since he got here, so he's been enjoying the decidedly English-like weather up until yesterday!

Oh and happy Halloween too!

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