Kris & Hayley's Wedding

Just got back to Sydney from a fantastic (but hectic) weekend in the UK at Kris & Hayley's wedding. Yes, you read it right, a weekend in the UK. I left thursday morning, and arrived early on Friday, spent the arvo with Andy H chilling in St Albans before Dave, Christy and I drove up to Belper.

Saturday was the day of the wedding, a fantastic day, it was a great service and reception, H's dad's speech was great, as were the best men's (there were 2 of em!), and as was Kris's, including an emotional and respectful toast to Stuart. Oh, and the weather was good too (if a little windy at times).

We were suited and booted, and I know that doesn't happen often for me, but I suspect even less so for Dave Dev, in fact, I can't recall ever seeing him in a suit... so here's evidence:


Here's H&K cutting their cake:

Here's a vid of H&K arriving at the reception:

After a quiet sunday recovering from my hangover, watching the grand prix (well the end of it anyway) and having a chat with James P who was camping with the family up near Ripley (in Codnor I believe, and if that's the case I'm surprised he didn't come back to find his car and his tent on bricks :) we headed back down to Christy & Dave's place ready for my flight back on Monday morning. We squeezed in a little curry at a local curry house, which was great!

Then it was the start of the long flight back (well shorter than when I came, as I messed up and ended up with a 6hr wait in Singapore on the outward journey), and I arrived back home at 9pm-ish on Tuesday, just managed to start the washing machine going before I nodded off.

It was well worth the trip back, and great to catch up with people who I hadn't seen for a long time. Although the travelling was pretty gruelling and I don't plan to do it again any time soon!

Thanks must go to my Sis and her hubby for spending the bank holiday weekend ferrying me up to Belper and back, I'll return the favour when you come over to Sydney, Christy :)

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